A project work at department of Architecture of Sonargaon University

Under Graduate Programs

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 (or second division) in SSC and HSC examinations for theIr equivalent, or GCE/IGCE “Cr Level in four subjects and nAn Level in two subjects with minimum GPA of 2.50 in each exam (using scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1), or Average 450 marks in GED with five subjects.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 in SSC and HSC examinations individually for technical programs, such as, Apparel Manufacture and Technology and Fashion Design and Technology.
  • The students, who are sons/daughters of freedom fighters, shall be eligible for getting admission to the University if they have a minimum GPA of 5.00 totaling the GPA of SSC and HSC Examinations. Students, however, have to submit the copy of authenticated Certificate as the proof of his/her father/mothers identity as a free-dom fighter.
  • Equivalent performance under other educational systems (e.g. American High School Diploma or 18, etc.) University also be accepted.
  • A combined SAT score of 1100 also accepted in lieu of Admission Test for High
  • For admission to engineering programs, students must have had Physics and Mathe-School Graduates in any system. matics in HSC/A-Level.
  • The University shall also accept non-degree admissions, usually for exchange
  • Transfer of credits from comparable educational institutions may be considered after students. admission.
  • Students who have passed the HSC Examination under the mark-based grading system are considered for admission and scholarship at SU on the basis of a conversion scale approved by SU admission committee.
  • Any confusion relating to the degree or diploma obtained from home or abroad of any applicant for admission in the undergraduate and graduate or for other purposes shall be referred to and resolved by the Degree Equivalence Committee of SU.

Graduate Programs

  • A relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a GPA of 2.5 or above on a scale of 4.0 Or A relevant Bachelor Degree with at least second divisions/classes in all previous exams.


  • Some students may be required to complete some additional preparatory courses at SU before they start their Master’s programs.
  • Different departments may have some additional requirements.

Registration Policies

A project work at department of Architecture of Sonargaon University

Regular Registration

Students are required to complete their registration formalities before a semester starts. A student has to register in-person. The Admission Office shall notify the newly admitted students about the time and place of their registration. Students should consult their advisors for planning their courses and to be familiar with SU policies and procedures related to registration.

Late Registration and Add-Drop of Courses

A student seeking to register after the scheduled date has to take permission of the concerned Coordinator/Head of the Department/Dean of the Faculty. A student given permission to register late has to pay late registration fee Tk. 500. A student may drop course(s) only within the date mentioned in the Academic Calendar with the approval of the Head of the department. Alphabet “W” as a dropping status of the student shall be imprint in the transcript.

Students’ Advising

Department/Faculty Advisors, prior to registration, shall advise students of the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Students of undergraduate & graduate programs of the University have to register a minimum of 9 (nine) credits and 6 (six) credits respectively in a single Semester.

Registration Procedures

Advising Forms shall be available at the concerned Department. A Completed Registration Form is to be submitted to the concerned Department.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite course(s) (if any), must be completed before registering for any particular course. Without the completion of the prerequisite course(s), students shall not be allowed to register course(s).

Change of Program/Department

Students may change his/her program/Department by submitting written requests to the Concerned Heads of the Departments/Dean of the Faculty. If permitted by the Heads of the Departments/Dean of the Faculty, the Registrar’s Office shall make the necessary change to the student’s record.

Minimum Attendance in the Class

Students are expected to attend classes regularly.  A student would be required to attend at least 90% of classes in every course in order to sit for the Final Exam. If a student fails to ensure his required attendance, than s/he shall apply to the concerned authority with proper bonafide documents.

Withdrawal of Course(s)

Students, shall to “Withdraw” any course due to sickness or other unavoidable circumstances, must collect a form for “W” grade from the Registrar’s Office. Students have to collect signature(s) for endorsement of the respective course teacher(s) and submit it to the concerned Head of the Department for final approval. The duly approved application must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office within 7th day of the ending of the Mid-Term Exam (as per academic calendar). No tuition fees shall be waived or exempted for withdrawal of course.

Repeat & Retake of Course(s)

Absence in Final Examination without permission from proper authorities of the University shall result “F” grade in the course. A student obtaining “F” grade in any course in any Semester University have to “Repeat” the course with full payment of tuition fee for that particular course. Students desiring to improve their grade(s) may again take up course(s) which are termed as “Retake”. Students of the University shall not be allowed to take after three consecutive semester of intended course to be improved.

Fees for retaking course(s) are as follows:

“C” & Above Below “C”
50% of Tuition Fee for the course(s) 25% of Tuition Fee for the course(s)

Eligible students shall be entitled to discount of tuition fee for a particular course once only.

Special Examination:

If any student would miss any Mid-Term or Final Examination for valid reason, s/he would be allowed to sit for the exam special by paying additional charge of Tk. 500 for Mid-Term and Tk. 1,000 for final exam. To avail the opportunity student has to apply within 7 (seven) days after the completion the concern exam.

Semester Drop

A student may drop a Semester only before Mid – Term Exam with valid reason(s). Students have to apply in writing to the respective Head of the Department for dropping the Semester.  Applications for ‘Semester Drop’ shall only be approved on ‘Medical Ground’ for the students of undergraduate programs. For the students of graduate programs, approval shall be accorded either on the ground of ‘Transfer of Workplace outside Dhaka’ or on ‘Medical Ground’ wherever is applicable.  If the case is found genuine by SU authorities, the student may be allowed to drop the current Semester after making payment of Semester Fee and an additional charge of Tk. 1000/-. After Mid – Term Exam, no application seeking to drop the Semester shall be entertained.  In those cases, students may, however, apply for “I” (Incomplete) grade.

“I” (Incomplete) Grade

“I” (Incomplete) grade is granted only in exceptional cases. “I” (Incomplete) grade may be assigned to students in special circumstances after Mid- Exam.  A student must appear in the Exam in which he/she is given “I” grade within one month of the following Semester, otherwise “I” shall turn into “F” automatically. In case of absence of concerned course teacher from whom a student receives an “I” grade, the disposition of the case involving “I” (Incomplete) grade(s) resides with the concerned Head of the Department.


As a partial fulfillment of the BBA program, internship/project is a requirement for the BBA students. It is of 15 weeks duration that is to be carried out in a business organization, usually in the relevant area of concentration under the guidance of a teacher. The intern shall submit an internship/project report on his work experience and the project work and shall defend it before a committee of 3 members.

Supervise Study System:

If a particular course is not offered in a particular semester, the students, who have 20 credits remain out of his total credits, University be allowed to take supervise study under a teacher of that field selected by the department. Maximum number of students University not exceed 6 (six) in a particular course under Supervise Study System. The courses taken under Supervise Study System should be completed within the semester in which the registration of courses has been made. If the courses are not completed within the scheduled semester, concerned students shall be given “F” grade for the respective Supervise Study courses.

Academic Probation

A student would be required to earn a minimum CGPA of 2.25 for Undergraduate Program and 2.50 for Graduate Program for achieving the Degree. A minimum CGPA of 2.00 or above is required to stay in good academic standing. If a student’s CGPA falls below 2.0 at any time, he/she shall be placed on academic probation. The student must come out of probation within next three Semesters. Otherwise, he/she shall be dismissed from the Program and shall not be readmitted.

Punishment for adopting Unfair Means

Following types of punishment shall be meted out for adopting unfair means in any type of Test/Examination:

Adopting Unfair Means for the 1st time Course Expulsion
Adopting Unfair Means for the 2nd time Semester Expulsion
Adopting Unfair Means for the 3rd time Expulsion from the University

Course Waiver

Applications for course waivershall be produced before Course Committee of SU at the very beginning of first semester with previous detailed syllabus of the intended course to be waived. Waiver is applied for graduate programs.

Tuition Fee Fall-2017

A project work at department of Architecture of Sonargaon University

Scholarship and tuition fee waiver

A project work at department of Architecture of Sonargaon University

Scholarship Tuition Fee Waiver
Sibling/Others issue for : 25% Two Students,
50% Three Students
75% Four Students
Female Issue 10% – 100% As Per Standard Policy of SU
Freedom Fighter 100% As Per Quota
Teacher Quota Diploma Institute, College 10%
Groupwise Admission Minimum 5 Students 5%